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Shipping and Delivery

Vendors determine whether or not a product will be available for shipping/delivery, and what options will be available. Identification and signature are needed for delivery or in-store pickup.

Same Day / Next Day Delivery

Orders for same day delivery must be received between the hours of 7:00a.m. and 11:30a.m. Same or next day delivery is presently only available on the island of New Providence.

In-Store Pickup

If a vendor offers in store pickup, you agree to pick up your purchase within 48 hours. It is your responsibility to notify the vendor if you are not able to collect your purchase for any reason. You must present your proof of purchase and a national photo identification (eg. Driver's license, passport, or voter's card) at pick up. If you send another person to pick up a purchase for you, a written and signed note must accompany your identification. The vendor reserves the right not to issue your purchase to any third party. All concerns must be directed to the vendor directly, as will not mediate any action between a vendor and a buyer.

Shipment of the products you purchase in the Marketplace are made by separate courier services and not You agree that has no obligation to ship to you any product you purchase in the Marketplace. You agree that may provide to the seller your shipping address for shipment of the products you purchase. You agree to pay the shipping charges in full for any product that you purchase.